Israelis feverishly search for relatives at rave attacked by Hamas

Over 500 people were killed and thousands more were injured when a Palestinian terrorist organization financed by Iran invaded Israel and went on a murderous spree.

The Hamas terror organization penetrated Israeli land and embarked on a homicidal spree that continued into the next day on Sunday. The attack took place at a dance in southern Israel.

The outdoor gathering on Saturday at Kibbutz Re’im, southern Israel, apparently drew hundreds of young Israelis. Unfortunately, when Hamas terrorists began murdering and kidnapping attendees, the evening turned into a nightmare.

Families are pleading with the pertinent authorities to take action in order to find the youngsters who went missing on Sunday. To look for missing people who have not yet made contact, a makeshift rescue center has been established nearby.

According to several witnesses, security officers were able to secure the event, repelling the attackers, and stop more carnage.

The rocket alert rang in the midst of the party, just as the music was reaching its peak level. We all hurriedly gathered our belongings when the music was abruptly stopped, a witness recalled.

“As soon as the power went out, a group of terrorists materialized and began opening fire in all directions. We immediately began moving ahead to get away from the firing as I swiftly grabbed the car keys. The attackers eventually came up with us and started shooting at our cars.

A professional soccer player was among those who were shot and killed there and others were held hostage and brought back to the Gaza Strip. The exact scope of the atrocity is unknown, and Israeli security forces have not yet totally reclaimed the area.

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