V’s New Black Hair Is Back, and It’s Better Than Ever

Kim Taehyung, a member of BTS, stated that he now favours Jungkook’s 3D over Seven. In November, Jungkook will release his debut solo album, GOLDEN.

After displaying his golden hair for a while, BTS singer Kim Taehyung aka V colored it black. During a Weverse live, he stunned the audience by unveiling a new look. After discussing his fan events, he then explained why he would never grow a mustache. He also discussed 3D and Seven, the most recent album by Jungkook.

In order to prepare for the forthcoming fan meet, Kim Taehyung advised his fans to memorize phrases from his solo songs, according to a translation provided by user @haruharu_w_bts on X. “Please tell those going to the fan meeting that the ‘Kim Taehyung Kim Taehyung’ is prohibited,” he instructed them. Today I had a meeting to discuss my plans for the fan meeting. Slow Dancing is being sung. I just want you to sing along to everything instead of doing fan chants, but it’s not allowed to say “Kim Taehyung” in the midst of the song because I could burst out laughing. It’s a yellow card if you don’t sing, and it’s a yellow card if you say Kim Taehyung.

V declared, showing off his black hair, “I dyed my hair again to black.” Reading fan comments in which they inquired about developing a beard and a mustache. As per @btsinthemoment, he responded, “Am I going to grow my facial hair? No. I won’t. I feel unsuited to it. It doesn’t suit me, according to others. Perhaps it’s because my hair has grown out shorter! I appear a little younger now that it’s shorter. Must I say? Others have informed me that while I appear younger, facial hair doesn’t look good on me.

V prefers 3D over Seven

The singer of Love Me Again also shared her thoughts on Jungkook’s song 3D. He said, “Did you guys see Jungkook’s 3D? ” while praising the golden maknae. Yes, it’s extremely cool. It’s so awesome that I nearly cried. It’s extremely cool, but not swearing, right? Wah! It’s our golden maknae as expected! I prefer 3D these days than Seven, thus I’ve been listening to 3D lately. V promised his audience that he would try to hold another live performance at a later time.

With the September release of Layover, V made his solo debut. Since Jungkook will release his debut solo album, Golden, next month, all eyes are on him right now. RM, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, V, and Jungkook make up BTS.

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