The Supreme Court has issued a notice to Udhayanidhi Stalin

The Supreme Court has issued a notice to Udhayanidhi Stalin, the son of Tamil Nadu Chief Minister MK Stalin, for his anti-Sanatan remarks. In a speech made in April 2023, Udhayanidhi Stalin had said that Sanatan Hinduism is a religion that is full of violence and that it is not the original religion of India.

The notice was issued in response to a petition filed by a lawyer named Ashwin Upadhyay. In his petition, Upadhyay had alleged that Udhayanidhi Stalin’s remarks were offensive to Hindus and that they had hurt the religious sentiments of the community.

Udhayanidhi Stalin has defended his remarks, saying that he was only criticizing the caste system and other regressive practices that are associated with Sanatan Hinduism. He has also said that he respects all religions and that he has no intention of hurting the religious sentiments of anyone.

The Supreme Court has asked Udhayanidhi Stalin to file a response to the petition within four weeks. The court will hear the case on October 10, 2023.

The issue of anti-Hindu remarks has become increasingly contentious in India in recent years. There have been several incidents of Hindu temples being vandalized and Hindu religious symbols being desecrated. In some cases, Hindus have also been subjected to violence.

The Supreme Court’s decision to issue a notice to Udhayanidhi Stalin is likely to have a significant impact on the debate over anti-Hindu remarks in India. The court’s ruling on the matter could set a precedent for how future cases of anti-Hindu remarks are handled.

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