Over 500 Dead, 2,040 Wounded in Egypt-Israel Conflict

In a surprise strike yesterday, Hamas grabbed control of most of Israel’s southern communities. The IDF has confirmed that Israelis have been abducted in the Gaza Strip.

In a sudden, widespread attack on Saturday, the Palestinian terrorist organization Hamas claimed responsibility for the deaths of over 300 Israelis. In response to the assault, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu vowed to turn the group’s hideouts in Gaza into “rubble.”

Hamas’s enormous rocket bombardment, ground, air, and sea attack resulted in over 1,600 recorded injuries, making it one of the bloodiest uprisings in decades.

Israeli forces and hundreds of Hamas fighters engaged in fierce gun engagements throughout the night in at least 22 different places throughout Israel; the army has acknowledged that at least two of these instances involved hostage-takers.

Following Hamas’s multifaceted assault at morning, Prime Minister Netanyahu addressed the country and proclaimed, “We are at war.”

He sternly warned the residents of Gaza to leave right away as Israel was getting ready to retaliate with full force. Netanyahu continued, “We’ll strike them to the bitter end and avenge with force this black day they brought on Israel and its people.” He further promised to demolish all of Hamas’ operating bases and hiding places.

“What happened today is unprecedented in Israel, and I will see to it that it does not happen again.”

At least 10 Israeli Arab Muslim Bedouin are among the casualties victims from the Hamas rocket attacks

Dozens of foreign workers who hid from Hamas terrorist infiltrators walked back to the nearest Israeli community of Netivot after hiding out all night

The same service is being provided by SFR, its French counterpart. Customers don’t need to take any action; all fees will be immediately waived.

In response to the war launched by Hamas terrorists against the Jewish state, the telecommunications company Optimum declared on Sunday that it will provide free calls and text messages (including SMS and MMS), from the United States to Israel.

The fourth-largest cable company, which is owned and run by Altice USA, announced that both private and business clients with Optimum Phone or Optimum Mobile service would be able to easily call loved ones at this trying time.

SFR, Altice’s French operator, also announced free calls to Israel for the entire week. In either case, no action was required on the part of the customer. All charges will be automatically canceled on their monthly bill.

Altice USA also offers hyperlocal, national, international and business

It’s French counterpart, SFR, is offering the same service. No action is required from customers, all charges will be automatically waived

The Optimum telecommunication company announced on Sunday that it would offer free calls and text messages (both SMS and MMS), from the U.S. to Israel, in light of the war unleashed by Hamas terrorists on the Jewish state.

Owned and operated by Altice USA, the fourth largest cable provider said its private and business customers with an Optimum Phone or Optimum Mobile service would be able to freely contact loved ones during this different.

The war unleashed by the Hamas terror group started on Saturday, with thousands of rockets being launched from the Gaza Strip and hundreds of terrorists infiltrated into Israeli territory, and has continued on Sunday. 

The surprise Hamas operation left more than 350 Israelis dead and 1,864 wounded, while civilians were massacred in their homes. Rockets and mortars also continued to rain down on the Jewish state, all over the country.

The army regained control of almost all the Israeli towns attacked by terrorists, several hostages were freed. However, at least 100 Israelis who were kidnapped by terrorists are still being held by Hamas in Gaza.

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