train climbed a platform at the Mathura Station

On Tuesday, an Electric Multiple Unit (EMU) train climbed a platform at the Mathura railway station in Uttar Pradesh. According to reports, the train arrived at Shakur Basti railway station and climbed onto the platform.

According to news agency ANI, no casualties were reported as a result of the event because passengers had de-boarded the train. According to the article, officials from the Mathura railway board have yet to determine the cause of the occurrence.

Mathura Station director SK Srivastava said that the train arrived from Shakur Basti at 10:49 PM. When all the passengers de-boarded, the train climbed onto the platform said the station director.

A few weeks ago, an EMU local train going for New Delhi derailed at Hazrat Nizamuddin railway station. There were no casualties in the incident on September 3. The fifth coach of the Palwal-New Delhi train derailed at 9.47 a.m., according to the news agency PTI.

According to the DCP of railways, railway officials arrived on the scene and safely evacuated all passengers. The Palwal-New Delhi EMU was also allegedly repaired immediately.

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