Man arrested for promising job in Central probe agency after posing as CBI officer

The accused, according to the complaint, offered him a post at the Central Bureau of Investigation for his son. He demanded Rs 1 lakh for a position in the Central Investigation Agency.

man was arrested for allegedly posing as a Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) officer in Mumbai. The accused allegedly duped a taxi driver by promising to secure a job for his son in the central probe agency, police said on Tuesday.According to the police, the accused was riding the taxi when he influenced the driver posing himself as a CBI official. The driver heard the accused boasting about conducting raids and arresting people. Impressed with his talks, the diver enquired about jobs in the CBI. During the conversation, the accused indicated he could arrange a position for the driver’s kid with the CBI for Rs 1 lakh.

Subsequently, the victim gave him Rs 15,000 and stated he would pay the remainder later. However, after

He began to have suspicions after dropping the man and approached the Marine Drive police station.The police subsequently set up a trap and apprehended the accused when he came to collect the remaining cash, according to a police official, who added that an investigation was ongoing.

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