Indian High Commissioner Barred Gurdwara in Scotland by Radical Sikhs

Vikram Doraiswami, the Indian high commissioner to the UK, was barred from entering a gurdwara in Scotland on Friday by a group of radical British Sikh activists.

The Glasgow Gurdwara’s gurdwara committee was scheduled to meet with Doraiswami, according to a pro-Khalistan Sikh activist who spoke to TOI. “A few individuals showed up and informed him that he was not welcome. There was a small altercation.

The gurdwara committee is probably not too pleased with what transpired. But no gurdwara in the UK will accept Indian authorities, he said. “We are tired of the UK-Indian conspiracy. The recent unrest following the murder of Hardeep Singh Nijjar has resulted in British Sikhs becoming targets. Avtar Singh Khanda and Jagtar Singh Johal are also involved in this.

In a video of the incident shared on Instagram by Sikh Youth UK, tables are set up with white tablecloths so that the high commissioner can receive langar.

In the video, one of the activists is seen arguing with a gurdwara committee member. The committee member then makes an unsuccessful attempt to seize the activist’s phone.

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