Elon Musk replies to a viral graphic depicting a direct maritime link between India and the United States.

NEW DELHI: A map depicting the prospect of a direct maritime route from India to the United States has piqued the interest of the internet, including billionaire Elon Musk.

The image of the 2D route map, shared on X by the handle Epic Maps, depicts a direct sailing route between the two countries despite their huge geographical distance.

It is conceivable to sail from India to the United States in a straight line without touching any land,” according to the post.

Musk commented “Whoa” in response to the post, which has received over 6.3 million views.

While Musk and several other users were impressed by the image, some others questioned the map’s simplicity.

Some X users expressed concern that the line “is far from straight.”

Despite the fact that the line does not appear completely straight on a two-dimensional map, it should be noted that it appears straight when displayed on a globe.

As a result, “straight” implies that it follows a continuous course in one direction without diverting left or right.

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